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Spouse Investigations:


Investigating cheating husbands is our JRS investigators specialty. Whether you simply want the truth for your peace of mind or need the proof of infidelity for court…we can assist…Our Investigators will effectively gather evidence and facts to prove your case. Our cheating husband investigators will make your life peaceful once again. Are you are tired of feeling “paranoid”? Then you need to act now!

If you suspect a cheating husband …you need to get the scoop! Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by the emotions caused by a cheating husband …. investigate an unfaithful husband today.

JRS Private Investigators provide cheating husband investigations. We are licensed and capable to handle all complex cases to include surveillance, witness statements, panel investigations, polygraphs, statements, criminal records search, civil records search, background investigations and pre-employment investigations at reasonable rates.

Investigating Cheating Wives is our JRS investigators specialty. Whether you simply want the truth for your peace of mind or need the proof of infidelity for court…we can assist…Our Cheating Wife Investigators will effectively gather evidence and facts to prove your case. Our investigators will make your life peaceful once again. Are you are tired of feeling “paranoid”? Then you need to act now!

If you suspect a Cheating Wife …you need to get the scoop! Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by the emotions caused by a Cheating Wife …. investigate an unfaithful spouse today.

JRS Private Investigators provide Cheating Wife investigations. We are licensed and capable to handle all complex cases to include surveillance, witness statements, panel investigations, polygraphs, statements, criminal records search, civil records search, background investigations and cheating wife investigations at reasonable rates.

Internet Affairs Investigations :


When it comes to the internet, everything a person desires is just a few mouse clicks away.  Movie tickets, driving directions, entertainment and more- if you know where to look, it can be yours.  Including an affair.

For millions of people every day, the appeal of an internet affair is the power of anonymity.  As opposed to real life where your looks, words and actions are unchangeable, the internet allows people to be whoever they want to be.   This makes people far more comfortable to share aspects of their personality that would otherwise go hidden.

Not to mention how easy it is.  From instant messages and emails to message boards and chat rooms, the sheer number of opportunities to cheat provided by the internet makes it very attractive to those inclined to do so.

There are several red flags that should raise suspicions about an internet affair:

  • The spouse spends excessive time online, at late or strange hours
  • The spouse gets defensive when questioned about the excess usage
  • A demand for privacy when on the computer
  • Frantic mouse clicks, minimized windows and closed screen when you approach
  • Relocation of the computer to a new area that is positioned out of view
  • Freshly cleared internet history and recycling bin after the spouse uses the computer
  • Installation of auto history cleaning programs
  • Compulsive desire to be online that is atypical from the past
  • Alertness, irritated looks, rudeness and general uneasiness when coming near the spouse on the computer
  • Reluctance to allow you on the computer
  • Suddenly insisting to use the computer at the exact moment you attempt to
  • Reluctance to share passwords to , email , chat, buddy lists and other communications
  • Acting excited or unusually happy when on the computer
  • Frequent chat room or instant message usage
  • The spouse constantly writes emails

Signs of Infidelity :



Does your spouse….

  • Spend excessive time away (common excuses given are business trips, shopping, hanging with friends, gym, and “alone time”)?
  • Suddenly act cold and distant, with a “take it or leave it” attitude?
  • Show reluctance or make excuses when attempting to initiate physical intimacy?
  • Make an effort to improve their physical appearance more than usual?
  • Spend more time on the computer and cell phone?
  • Have new hobbies and interests?
  • Act eager and excited to get out the door?
  • Clean the car more often than usual?
  • Leave the room to answer the phone or quickly change the computer screen when you enter?
  • Not answer calls when away from home?
  • Freshly clear email, browsing history and text messages?
  • Go to bed at different hours?
  • Have new friends and social circles?
  • Make excuses as to why you cannot be involved in their plans?
  • Arrive home in different clothes than they left in?
  • Take money from the bank account or have secret credit cards?
  • Exhibit cycles of distant behavior followed by days of acting unusually pleasant?
  • Get caught in lies?
  • Give cryptic and unclear explanations when asked a direct question?
  • Throw around wild, unwarranted accusations of infidelity?


If any of these signs are familiar you have good reason to be suspicious of your spouse.  

JRS Investigations specializes in Cheating spouse investigations.

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Traveling Affairs Investigations :

For a spouse who’s husband or wife’s travels frequently at work, there is very good cause to question their activities.  Business meetings and out of town conventions can lead to affairs, or create the perfect cover for one.  When two co-workers travel, a seemingly innocent trip can take the form of an exciting all-expense paid vacation filled with new sights, sounds, food and drinks.  A trip to the hotel bar after a long day of bonding together may turn into much, much more than a few drinks.  Meanwhile, the person back home eagerly awaits the return of their spouse (who was supposedly “dreading” this meeting).

Spouses who travel solo are frequently prone to infidelity as well.  Business meetings can be easily faked or extended a few days to allow a rendezvous with a lover.  The cheater has little fear of verification if the flings only pad the trip a day or two, and it is quite easy to create supporting details about a meeting that never existed.

The cheater preys on their spouse’s nativity and will aim to confuse with technical details and jargon of the meeting they will “attend”.   Another form of traveling affair is between the spouse and a call girl, escort or prostitute local to the area.  Cheaters will go to great lengths to meticulously plan these interactions out , or may simply take advantage of the freedom and lack of spousal supervision if the opportunity presents itself.

If you suspect a traveling affair, JRS Investigations can answer all of your questions about your spouse’s out of town activities. 

Everything that happens from the moment they leave the house to their return back home will be discretely documented through covert surveillance methods.  Various forms of evidence including photographs and a full report will be produced at the end.  Expect to find out where your spouse is really going, an ID of the cheater’s partner if an affair exists, where they went, and what happened when they got there.

Traveling affairs are more complex than local ones, and only a professional  Private Investigator should be trusted to get to the bottom of exactly what type of “business” goes town on your spouse’s trips.

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Work Place Affairs Investigations :


Studies show cheaters are most likely to start an affair with a person they meet at work.  Considering the workplace provides all the necessary physical and emotional elements for a relationship to grow, it does make perfect sense.  When men and women work together day in and day out they have many things in common to bond over.  Doing the same work, with similar stresses and schedules can provides the basis for an initial friendship.

A spouse and their new “friend” will spend many hours together during workdays, business trips, meetings, and other functions.  Unlike their spouse at who frequently takes on an antagonizing role, coworkers are right there in the trenches and offer greater comfort than what is offered at home.  Over time the relationship grows closer and closer, until real feelings develop which inevitably culminate in an affair.

While most workplace affairs are not planned and unexpectedly play out over time, some are premeditated for various reasons.  A young intern may see it as an opportunity for career advancement if she sleeps with her boss, or an affair may be used as revenge for previous infidelity at home.  Many workplaces often have an unspoken understanding that cheating is ok and even expected, so those who partake do not see it as a serious offense (the office Christmas party is a walking cliché of infidelity).

Regardless of how the workplace affair happened, you can bet it won’t be a one time thing.  The vast majority of workplace affairs happen more frequently and only get more intense as time passes.  For a husband or wife back home, the thought that their spouse will cheat as they walk out the door is devastating.

Nobody deserves to live with such uncertainty, and that’s why a Private Investigator should be hired to investigate a potential workplace affair.  The Private Investigator will document  the extent of the cheating, any current or past people involved with the affair, when and where the transgressions happened, and how long it has been going on for.

Evidence will be obtained through various means like photographs, video, audio recordings, computer monitoring, vehicle tracking, stake out and coworker testimonies.  We will always operate discreetly and take special care not to disrupt normal workplace activities or arouse co-worker suspicions.

Workplace infidelity is an increasingly common occurrence that will turn your life upside down if you let it .  If you have any doubts about your partner’s faithfulness at work, contact a JRS Private Investigator today.

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Child Custody Investigations :


What is a child custody investigation? A child custody investigation is an objective observation of a child’s well-being and treatment, usually as part of a divorce, separation, or custody case. A typical investigation involves an investigator assessing the treatment of a child by his or her parents.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Private Investigator For A Child Custody Investigation?

Often during a divorce, children are used as pawns between two parents who are bitter toward each other. They use children as leverage in divorce proceedings to negotiate, leaving the well-being of the children on the back burner.

If a parent is concerned that the other parent is unfit, but may have difficulty showing this in a court, a private investigator can help. We know the legal requirements regarding evidence and can provide expert testimony on behalf of our findings in court. Whether the investigation is for child custody or child visitation rights, private investigators can help learn the facts, obtain the evidence and provide expert testimony in court.


  • Listen to and understand the issues and concerns presented to our client during consultations and meetings.  There should be no time limit on consultations and you should not feel like you are rushed.  There are a lot of facts to be heard and emotions involved.
  • Explain in detail what private investigators can and cannot do during an investigation.  The key to a successful child custody investigation is to obtain evidence legally to be presented in court.  We have heard of countless cases where private investigators did not obtain the crucial evidence legally, and therefore not admissible in court.
  • Come up with a clear plan that outlines the goals, actionable steps to obtain the evidence, timeline and budget.
  • Always provide an easy-to-understand contract that contains the scope of services in the investigation and financial obligations.
  • Explain what to expect at the end of the investigation and the possibility that our private investigators will need to testify in the child custody hearings.

How Can A Private Investigator Help In A Child Custody Investigation

In the course of a Child Custody Investigation, our experienced private investigators conduct surveillance, perform background checks and conduct witness interviews to ensure that we obtain all the relevant facts.

  • Utilize surveillance to document the parent interactions with the child.  All video evidence is collected in 4K HD.  We utilize night vision technology, hidden camera systems and remote monitoring solutions.
  • Provide evidence concerning activities that may have a negative impact on the child such as: Reckless Driving, Gambling, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and other criminal activities.
  • Collect evidence that show signs of a parent not providing a safe and hygienic living space, food, or other necessities.
  • Discreetly obtain witness statements concerning the daily activities, living conditions, social interactions and parental interactions. There are different ways to approach a witness. The approach needs to be discreet and with a good pretext.  Private investigators have years of practice in the field, adjusting and perfecting their skills.


Cohabitation and Alimony Investigations: When it comes to alimony, it can get costly for you. Supporting an ex-spouse after your marriage is over is often financially tricky and mentally stressful if you parted on bad terms. Under Florida law, your alimony may be able to be reduced. It is also possible to see it terminated if your former spouse is cohabitating with another that they aren’t related to. While this sounds great for you, proving this cohabitation can be tricky and is more challenging than it may seem. It’s vital to hire an experienced private investigator to help you determine the coexistence.

You know your former spouse is cohabitating with someone else, and it’s a romantic relationship. While you may see it happening, you’ll still have to prove it. Since the chances of your ex admitting their involvement are highly unlikely, hiring a private investigator will help you collect the evidence you need. There are things you can’t do that a private investigator can.

• Conduct surveillance and identify the cohabitation partner.
• Document any comings and goings of your former spouse.
• Record the person who resides, or even appears to live with your ex on their comings and goings.
• Document any vehicle that is seen coming or going from your former spouse’s place by someone you think is in a relationship with your ex. This also includes seeing if it is parked overnight at your ex’s home.
• Interview any potential witnesses.
• Obtain financial documents that may prove cohabitation with another.
• Conduct any background checks needed.

The Effects of Cohabitation on Alimony

While divorce may mean freedom from some, for others, they are still chained down by alimony. This may be limited or may continue if the former spouse remarries. However, cohabitation without the marriage certificate may not mean the end of alimony payments. Many times, proof that your ex is living with another that is suggestive of marriage may be the only proof you need. This can involve financial and social proof. This may result in seeing your alimony payments modified or even termination, depending on the situation.

When it comes to cohabitation and alimony investigations, it is best to leave this to a professional investigator. As much as you may want to avoid making the alimony payments, proof of cohabitation may not be enough. However, there is a possibility it may be if the evidence is presented. It’s best not to do any of this proof-seeking yourself as you may find yourself in a lot of legal problems that you may not need or able to deal with. Using a private investigator that is fully licensed and insured is the best way to seek the proof you need.

Hidden Assets And Backgrounds:

A hidden assets investigation can really assist in both sides of a child support dispute or spousal maintenance. Often, someone who is ordered by the court to provide financial resources may try to claim fewer assets in order to lower the payments.

A high-asset-divorce / high-net-worth divorce can be incredibly complicated, especially if your spouse has hidden community property or other assets by crossing international borders.  This can mean your spouse has hidden assets in an offshore trust, Swiss or other foreign bank account or employed other cross-border elements against you. Furthermore, the Court can help you if you do not shoulder your burden of demonstrating your spouse has assets hidden in offshore trusts, a Swiss bank account, etc. If you do not provide legally sufficient evidence that the hidden assets exist, then the Court can not valuate these assets and distribute them to you as community assets in your divorce.

The leaked records come from 14 offshore services firms from around the world that set up shell companies and other offshore nooks for clients often seeking to keep their financial activities in the shadows. The records include information about the dealings of nearly three times as many current and former country leaders as any previous leak of documents from offshore havens.

In an era of widening authoritarianism and inequality, the Pandora Papers investigation provides an unequaled perspective on how money and power operate in the 21st century – and how the rule of law has been bent and broken around the world by a system of financial secrecy enabled by the U.S. and other wealthy nations.

International background checks. The company manually reaches out to candidates if they need additional information, so you don’t have to contact them yourself.


  • Most results clear in less than 24 hours
  • Offers international background checks
  • 10% reduction in employee turnover reported


  • Complaints of sloppy or inaccurate work
  • Common names and aliases delay results
  • Employment gaps must be listed

Providing background checks in the vast majority of countries and territories, First Advantage offers services for small businesses and international organizations. It’s the best background check site because most results come back in less than 24 hours. It offers drug testing and can even order fingerprint-based background checks from the FBI.

Background checks typically come back within minutes, but that timing can be significantly longer depending on the country or county. If you are interested in the company’s services, you can click the get started button and provide your information. A representative will then contact you about plans, services, and pricing. Their background checks cover driving, criminal records, social media, licensing & credentials, employment history, and much more.

Missing Persons Investigations :

In short, missing person investigators are the professionals called in when families and other loved ones want to find the truth about their missing loved ones, relatives, business associates, etc., regardless of the circumstances. Missing person investigators use a wide array of resources to find missing persons.

We understand that missing persons investigations are very complex by nature due to the possible criminality involved, active efforts by the party to avoid detection, and other such variables.  Missing person investigations are initiated for a variety of reasons, such as, attorneys utilizing private investigators to locate witnesses and obtain statements, citizens and companies using investigative services to find debtors and assist in asset recovery and of course, individuals that wish to locate and/or be reunited with loved ones and/or friends.

Whatever the reason, the main goal remains the same, and that is to locate the individual(s) and bring resolution.  At Brener Investigations Group, we stand committed with our clients to the end and won’t stop until we get all the answers.

Many of our clients have the same goals, and most have very different budgets.  We put the same effort in our investigations, no matter what budget, with the sole focus to bring resolution to our clients.


  • We may work alongside law enforcement officials in active missing persons cases, augmenting a current missing persons search or pursuing leads not considered credible by law enforcement.
  • We may open a missing persons case and actively begin searching before law enforcement considers it a missing persons case.
  • We help families reconnect with separated loved ones.
  • We work with families to readdress cold missing persons cases that have been closed by law enforcement.
  • We help families seek additional answers on the missing persons cases of loved ones.
  • We help families find a missing loved one that is not considered “missing” in the eyes of the law.
  • We may help find missing debtors, heirs, or witnesses.

Criminal Investigations :

Private Detectives and Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations are going on at all times, everywhere in our nation. With law enforcement stretched to its limit, sometimes they need help. When the time comes to gather important evidence in a criminal case, as well as to uncover clues and draw deductive conclusions from the evidence that can close a case, law enforcement and private citizens often turn to experts in the industry—private detectives.

What Does a Criminal Investigator Do?

Criminal investigators are professionals who are experts at gathering and interpreting clues and evidence. They not only help to track down and prosecute criminals, but can sometimes deduce whether a criminal act has even taken place at all.


If a crime has occurred, a criminal investigator will examine the backgrounds of the accused, witnesses and anyone else potentially involved with the crime to see what kinds of connections can be drawn, and to assemble the puzzle pieces in such a way as to allow law enforcement to move forward with the case.

How Do Criminal Investigations Work?

There are three general stages to a criminal investigation. The first stage is that where the private investigator may be most involved. This is the actual investigative stage, wherein the authorities must establish that there was a crime, gather evidence regarding suspects, determine who should be arrested and build a case against that person.

The second stage is the actual arrest. If a P.I. is involved in this stage, it can be for the purpose of tracking down and pursuing a fugitive. Normally, law enforcement will be the ones who make the actual arrest.

Finally, a court case will proceed, wherein the evidence gathered will be presented to prosecute the suspect. Private detectives may be involved at this level as well, to present the evidence they have gathered and help to break down the connections between the various clues in the case, to reconstruct the crime.

Defending the Innocent

Other times, a private investigator may be called upon for the opposite side of a case—to present evidence that might exonerate an accused person. When the prosecution gathers evidence in a criminal case, defense attorneys or the defendant themselves may hire a P.I. to gather proof of innocence. In this case, the evidence they present in court can be vital to defending the rights of the unfairly accused.


If any of these signs are familiar you have good reason to be suspicious of your spouse.  

JRS Investigations specializes in Cheating spouse investigations.

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