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Costa Rica Private Security Executive Protection Services

Costa Rica Private Security Executive Protection Services



Why call in bodyguard services in Costa Rica? This region is particularly known for its blue oceans and sandy beaches. Let’s not forget the sunny climate. Taking a Caribbean cruise and visiting islands like Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas? Or sailing the Caribbean on your private yacht to St. Vincent and the Grenadines or Antigua? Will you be staying in an all-inclusive resort on Costa Rica or renting a private holiday home on Barbados? Whatever the destination and goal, business or holidays, you want to enjoy your vacation. You certainly want to feel safe at all times.

Travel agencies are eager to sell you their luxurious vacations. Most tourists will surely be informed of the petty crimes that go on in busy tourist areas. Rest assured, most vacationers have a wonderful holiday and return home without any incidents.
Unfortunately, petty theft is not all the region is ‘famous’ for. As a business traveler or expat, you will recognize the realistic risks of being confronted with heavier crimes. So, if you have travel plans or want to do business on Cuba, the Dominican Republic or Aruba (or other Dutch Antilles), we advise you to take safety precautions. We can help you with that.


Costa Rica Private Security Executive Protection Services

Costa Rica Private Security Executive Protection Services


Crime is a significant factor to take into account when staying in or visiting Costa Rica. From the pick pocketing of tourists to violent crimes and armed robberies. Also, many firearms, drugs and even black money transports pass through the region. They vary from small personal smuggler’s operations to organized transports of large quantities. Other factors have an influence on the safety of visitors or inhabitants as well. They include:

  • Political changes causing turbulence for the population of countries in the Caribbean or those close to the Caribbean.
  • Climate influences, such as storms and hurricanes.
  • Economic crises.
  • Terrorist attacks on westerners due to the conflicts in countries such as Iraq and Syria.

Criminals might take advantage during these times of setback. They may attack when people’s minds are more concerned with dealing with these factors than with their personal safety. With a variety of security services, Infinite Risks can make your stay or travels go smoothly.


Costa Rica Private Security Executive Protection Services

Costa Rica Private Security Executive Protection Services


It is our experience that none of our customer’s situations in Costa Rica region is alike. Your requirements may differ from the services mentioned below due to a combination of goals for business and pleasure. Your needs may entail a varied approach. For instance, a mix of VIP airport or meet and greet service for you and your business relations, event security, combined with extensive family protection.

At Infinite Risks, our licensed bodyguards and security officers are experienced in protecting clients in the southern part of North-America: the Caribbean islands. We operate in the region regularly and can offer standby assistance on short notice.


Costa Rica Private Investigator Private Security Service Costa Rica

Costa Rica Private Security Executive Protection Services


Experts at delivering JRS security service’s to yacht owners and their guests arriving in Costa Rica, our team are trained in Port facilities with an excellent understanding of the international ship and port facilities code, carrying distinguished years of experience in maritime operations in the United States Coast Guard, Commando’s and the international private maritime security sector.
At JRS Private Security it is our mission to protect all our client’s rights to privacy and confidentiality at all times and to ensure that at no time will any sensitive information be revealed to any third party under any circumstances. JRS Private Security also offer VIP chaperones to yacht owners and their guests, designed to deliver security peace of mind in a low profile format, professional and discreet operatives blending in with the group whilst taking step back to observe the group members personal security and their assets. On call to assist with any altercations and defuse situations that the guests may face when traveling around the busy Costa Rica.
  • Bodyguard services and secure transportation for both tourists and business travelers.
  • Residential security services with 24/7 emergency (medical) response.
  • Covert executive protection for more freedom of movement.
  • Superyacht security for travels at sea and in ports.
  • Travel security for a well-planned holiday or business trip.
  • Family security combining the best safety for each individual member of your family.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions. Whether you need advice during the preparation to travel to the Caribbean or if you have already arrived at your destination, we can surely be of assistance.


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