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What Does JRS Investigations Specialize In? 

JRS Investigations Specializes in Domestic Investigations including Cheating Spouse Investigations and Child Custody Investigations. We handle the most difficult of cases and utilize state-of-the art equipment and techniques to document the evidence that you need.


Every case is strictly confidential including the initial telephone consultation whether or not you choose to retain our services. You will be quite surprised how accessible we are and how quickly we return each telephone call and each email.

You will receive personal and compassionate services from our investigators who understand the emotional ups and downs that you have been experiencing. We will be there to assist you with any questions that you may have and make suggestions regarding courses of actions that are available to you. You will deal with the same investigator from start to finish and he/she will walk you through every step of the way.

It is our goal to document the proofs and obtain evidence without your spouse ever knowing that we were there. Our investigators are taught patience and will not jeopardize “getting caught” via taking unnecessary risks. There simply is no other agency that is known for its reputation of Catching Cheaters.

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