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Commercial Security Systems

150968583-cctv-camera-over-laptop-gettyimagesAs a business owner, you are responsible for overseeing every aspects of your operation down to the smallest of details.  This includes protecting your employees, inventory and property from both internal and external vulnerabilities.  While you may have complete control over your business during work hours, does this control go out the window when you lock up at night?

Almost every type of business can fall victim to theft and vandalism. It doesn’t matter whether you own a warehouse, office, retail store or restaurant –they are all fair game to seasoned criminals and thieves.  The only way to protect your employees, inventory, assets and property is by installing a commercial alarm system.

A JRS security expert  will thoroughly examine your business premises to discover any security weaknesses and determine the best ways to fix them.   We can outfit your business with state of the art alarm systems and other security measures like video cameras, motion detectors and whatever else we deem necessary on a case by case basis.  Protect your livelihood by calling JRS Investigations today


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Residential Security Systems

85406422-padlock-picture-on-laptop-screen-gettyimagesOne look at the news will confirm what a scary place the world is today.  Every day we are bombarded with stories of murder, rape, robbery and other perverse acts that hit very close to home .  Whether it’s a heroin junkie who robs you blind or a clean cut business man who secretly molests children, you never know who will strike next. To act complacent and think these things will only happen to others is naive at best; at worst it’s a tragedy waiting to happen and unfortunately no neighborhood is exempt from these threats.

Most people would be surprised to find out that their homes are shockingly vulnerable.  Statistics show that those without an alarm system at their residence are 3 times more likely to be broken in to when compared to a properly secured home, and in our experience this makes all the difference in the world to a would-be criminal deciding on their next target.  If somebody were intent on abducting your children or worse, could you sleep at night knowing you did not take the necessary steps to ensure their safety?

JRS Investigations can outfit your home with  residential alarm and security systems.  These systems are crucial in deterring break ins, alerting you when one is happening and swiftly notifying law enforcement of the situation.  By using effective forms of security like alarms, motion detectors and video monitors, you can sleep soundly knowing your assets are protected and your family is safe.


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