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Background Screening

There are many instances where you get the feeling that someone isn’t being entirely honest about themselves.  People can hide the skeletons in their closets so well that their outward demeanor and appearance leaves no suggestion of an unsavory past.

The bottom line is you truly do NOT know the truth about a person, organization or company until you dig deep and conduct a thorough background check.   Background check is an umbrella term for various types of investigations including:


  • Criminal records
  • Convictions
  • Drug addiction and charges
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Judgments and Liens
  • Sex offender status
  • Vehicle records
  • Real name and aliases
  • Assets owned
  • Business ownership
  • Financial records
  • Character assessment
  • Tenant situations
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Past employment


timthumbTo uncover every possible detail about a person, contact JRS Investigations about our Background Investigation services.  Rest assured that the background check we provide is NOT compiled from a simple database search, the type several “investigation” websites use to deliver old information you could have found yourself.

JRS Investigations will conduct an exhaustive background check into the party under suspicion by using proven investigation methods.


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Tennant Screening

background-checkOne of the smartest things a landlord can do before handing over the keys is to conduct a full tenant screening investigation.  While the potential tenant’s application may look good and they seem nice enough, how can you be sure that any of it is actually true?  The bottom line is you usually can’t.

Tenants will do all sorts of sneaky things to one-up a landlord, like giving false phone numbers for employers and other past landlords.    A thorough tenant screening by a Private Investigator can give you valuable insights into what type of person the applicant really is.  Key information can be uncovered such as

  • character assessments
  • any ongoing legal problems
  • drug use
  • criminal records
  • convictions
  • real age and name
  • current employment
  • income
  • social security verification and more


Remember, it’s very possible that the squeaky clean and charismatic college graduate you just rented the apartment to is actually a freshly released drug dealing ex-con named “Mad Dog” with a rap sheet a mile long and prior evictions to boot.

Those looking for a property manager need to have complete faith in the person looking after their property, and parents with children in college need to know more about who their child will be living with (or that the neighbor isn’t a registered sex offender).  Tennant screening investigations are worth their weight in gold when you consider the legal messes, evictions and drama you avoid by knowing a person’s complete history.


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