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Little else can compare to the pain and anxiety felt when a loved one goes missing.   As a parent, spouse or relative, you need to know that everything in your power is being done to get them back.

While police departments take these types of cases very seriously, it is impossible for them to devote 100% of resources to any one case.  Consider supplementing the official investigation with another set of eyes and ears by hiring a Private Investigator.  Unlike law enforcement, private investigators are not hampered by certain state laws and judicial red tape that can impede the progress of official investigations.

We can dedicate a much higher percentage of our resources towards your case and your case alone.  Information can be comfortably shared with a private investigator to help the investigation that one would normally not be comfortable sharing with the police.  We also have access to exclusive databases, high tech equipment and extensive contact lists amassed over the years.

JRS Investigations handles other types of missing persons cases like:

  • Beneficiaries to a will, estate or trust who cannot be located
  • Business contacts estranged throughout the years
  • Deadbeat parents and spouses who bail on child support or alimony
  • Finding Hidden Assets

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