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There are times when an attorney will need more information or evidence to strengthen their case.  Although attorneys possess broad skill sets and are highly resourceful when it comes to obtaining information, in some cases it just isn’t enough.  Whether its due to time constraints, inadequate resources or not knowing where to look, a key piece of the puzzle can manage to elude even the most adept of law professionals.   Sometimes a case is perfectly laid out but lacks the evidence needed, or it isn’t convincing enough to hold up in court.  Situations like these would greatly benefit from the use of a private investigator.

As a perfect complement to the legal prowess of an attorney, Private Investigators are vital assets to any case with the ability to find information and fully flesh out any argument.  The documentation and infallible proof of offenses we provide is often the difference between winning and losing in the courtroom.   A skilled professional investigator can find the evidence needed to strengthen the attorney’s position, while above all obtaining it in a legally admissible manner.  If needed, Private Investigator __ can be trusted to provide expert witness testimony that clearly explains the evidence, relevant technical details and its significance to the case.  We are acutely aware our performance in court is a direct reflection of the attorney and will always conduct ourselves in an intelligent, professional manner.

Many cases are aided by hiring a Private Investigator:

  • Divorce – hidden assets of a spouse, signs of infidelity, child abuse, neglect and child custody situations
  • Corporate – identify corporate fraud, tax evasion, employee theft and supervision, other white collar crimes
  • Witnesses – find missing witnesses or people key to a case
  • Personal injury – investigating claims of injury, workers comp situations, proving the extent of an injury to obtain a settlement
  • Background checks-financial records, vehicle information, true identity, criminal records, drug use, professional licenses, military service
  • Asset search – hidden money, offshore bank accounts, real estate, registered vehicles, tangible and intangible assets
  • Estates – locating beneficiaries, hidden assets to an estate

Our technical skills, persistence and experience allow us to find the evidence that can make or break a case.  If you are an attorney looking for ways to build up your case, a private investigator can be of great assistance.

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