The Impact of Domestic Violence on Child Custody

A major concern in most of the divorce cases is the question of child custody. When parents apply for a divorce, the court decides as to which parent should be awarded the custody of the child. The court may award a joint custody to both the parents or the custody may be awarded to a single parent while the other parent is given only visitation rights. Sometimes, child custody is awarded solely to a single parent and the other parent is completely denied child custody.


The court takes into consideration various factors on the basis of which child custody is awarded. Some of the factors which can impact child custody are domestic violence, criminal records of the parents, their mental disorders, personal background, financial background, illegal activities and habits like drug abuse and alcoholism, their capability to cater to the child’s needs, etc.


Of all these factors, the one that plays a major role in deciding child custody is domestic violence. If the divorce is the result of domestic violence, it is only natural that the court awards custody to the non-abusive parent and not to the violent parent. This is done to provide the child with a safe living situation that is in the child’s best interest.

When a parent files a suit for securing custody of a child in a court, he/she needs to provide the court with adequate evidence that is well documented so as to convince the court that he/.she is not the instigator of the violence. The court has to be convinced that a parent is a “friendly parent.”


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