When do you need a Private Investigator?

Not everyone will find themselves in situations where they need the services of a private investigator. When an unfortunate situation like that happens, they are likely to hire the best investigator in town to have their case solved. Apart from individuals, Law firms, corporations, insurance companies also rely on investigators for various needs, ranging from insurance frauds to thefts. Although, many of us feel we can easily fit in the shoes of private investigators, an individual cannot replicate the job done by a professional PI. Here are several reasons why individuals commonly seek the services of a private investigator.

Investigating cheating spouse is one of the reasons why private investigators are hired the most. To unearth the truth, or to provide evidence in the court, a PI can help you in every possible way. Having years of experience, dealing with infidelity cases, they know how things work and uses advanced surveillance technologies to reveal the truth.

Child custody/child abuse
Mostly in divorce cases, the issue of child custody is very difficult to settle and often the court intervenes. If you want to prove you are a better parent, you would want to gather evidence to present in the court. A good PI will be able to provide documented evidence of child abuse, child neglect, drug use and risky lifestyle choices, which are enough to help you win the child custody.

Insurance and Corporate Fraud
Insurance companies lose billions of dollars every year because of the serious issue, insurance fraud. Individuals are forced to pay higher premiums resulting from false claims. There are instances, when a person fakes his own death to claim the insurance money. Other related issues of corporate fraud include investment fraud, corporate identity theft, and workers comp fraud. These are complex cases and in order to solve the case, you would need the services of PIs.

With the intuition and expertise of a PI, even the most complex of cases will not go unsolved. People seeking investigation services in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, can get in touch with our private detective Fort Lauderdale and private investigator Boca Raton. You can expect the most professional and compassionate service from our sleuths. To seek help from a private investigator across Florida, call (888) 737 – 7690.