Missing Persons: The Processes and Challenges of Investigation

While cases of murder, robbery, accidents and child custody relate to finding the perpetrator after the crime has been conducted, the cases of missing persons need to be solved as soon as possible to find the victim or the person who has gone missing. Parents, friends, relatives and everyone wants to see their loved ones around them. There can be nothing more painful than a person going missing as you do not know whether he/she is alright or has been subjected to something nasty.

People could go missing due to many reasons and therefore, such cases are the most challenging for investigators. Behavioral problems, mental health issues, child psychology abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, social problems, child sexual abuse could be the reasons why individuals could leave home on their own. On the other hand, an individual could be abducted or kidnapped by a stranger or a known person, rendering the former missing.

Investigators have to face a number of problems while dealing with missing persons cases. There is the urgency to solve the case quickly so that no harm is done to the victim. They also have to establish whether the absence is intentional or unintentional.

Investigators have to follow a series of investigative steps to ascertain the qualitative dimension of the case. The steps or processes involved in such cases could be as follows:

  • Review the case
  • Authenticate the crime
  • Begin analysis
  • Pursue initial leads
  • Gather evidence
  • Interview friends and family members
  • Create a timeline
  • Use links to get all possible information

The onus is on the investigators to find the missing persons as soon as possible. While such cases are usually first handed over to the police, you can hire private investigators as well to find missing persons. A private investigator would be more focused, as he would be giving his undivided attention to a particular case that he is assigned.

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