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Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a serious problem plaguing the insurance industry today. While insurance companies themselves lose billions of dollars every year, everyday people are affected as well. Higher premiums resulting from false claims make everyone pay more across the board, and scammers will exploit other people by pinning an accident (real of staged) on another in order to pursue legal action against the victim.

There are two main categories of insurance fraud, called hard and soft. Hard fraud is when a person designs a scheme for the sole reason of collecting insurance proceeds like burning down their own property, while soft fraud results from exaggerating claims on things like accidents and losses. From within these two types there are several different types of fraud:

Life insurance fraud – a person fakes their own death to claim insurance money
Health insurance fraud –the physician bills excessive and unnecessary treatments, or a person receives insurance proceeds without having a real medical concern or injury
Automobile insurance fraud – one falsely claims stolen vehicles, stages a car crash or attempts to avoid young driver premiums
Property damage insurance fraud- destroying one’s own home or property to collect a payout
Workers comp insurance fraud- faking injuries on the job in order to benefit from workers comp proceeds
It can be very difficult to prove, or disprove, instances of insurance fraud without the proper help. Should you ever be accused of fraudulent claims yourself, clearing your name is both stressful and costly. JRS Investigations has years of experience exposing the truth about insurance fraud claims. The evidence we gather can either prove or disprove instances of injury, damage, death and treatment.

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Investment Fraud


Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when one person assumes another’s identity in order to make money or commit crimes like fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission identity theft is the #1 type of fraud reported in America, and out of every possible crime it is the fastest growing (estimates put the number of stolen identities around 10 million annually).

In addition to causing the victim devastating financial loss, problems will frequently arise with creditors and law enforcement after an identity theft crime. Many people have no idea when their identity has been stolen, sometimes for years, and are shocked to find out how vulnerable they really are.

There are many ways a thief can exploit your personal information. To first obtain the information, they will resort to techniques such as computer hacking, phishing, skimming, dumpster diving, public record searches, and stealing. An identity thief will scour the

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Workers Comp Fraud

The workers compensation program was started to offer relief for workers injured on the job. Unfortunately, the system is frequently abused by those who fake or exaggerate injuries and file fraudulent claims. These claims cost employers nationwide billions of dollars every year.

As private investigators, we will uncover the truthfulness of a supposed injury by examining the facts surrounding the case to determine whether or not things add up. This process includes interviews with coworkers, witnesses, friends and family.

If fraud appears to have been committed, we will monitor the target in order to judge the severity of an injury, if one exists at all, and to show the claimant engaging in activities prohibited by the injury. Although scammers can put on very convincing performances, at one point or another they will slip up and leave evidence of their lies.

Our persistent scrutiny will yield the proof needed to show that an injury has been completely fabricated or is much milder than suggested. The workers comp fraud investigation by JRS Investigations can save you and your company thousands of dollars in legal and workers comp fees.

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Mortgage Fraud

Times have been tough for Americans in the past few years. With the economy tanking became hard or impossible for prospective homeowners to obtain a mortgage, and any time a recession hits people will become desperate. In this case, the unfortunate result is an increase in mortgage fraud across the nation.

Mortgage fraud can be defined as any number of activities in which a person intentionally misrepresents or omits information on a mortgage loan application. The goal of the fraudulent activity is either to secure property or to profit.

Soft fraud, or fraud for property, occurs when the goal is property. Reporting higher income, lying about employment, failing to disclose liabilities and using a property for investment under the pretense of living there are all examples of soft fraud
Hard fraud is fraud for profit. Equity skimming, straw buyer arrangements, inflated appraisals, property flips, obtaining multiple loans at once, and nonexistent property schemes are examples of hard fraud.
JRS Investigations are highly trained experts with numerous tools at our disposal to spot instances of mortgage fraud at any point during the loan process. We have worked alongside lenders, investors, and legal teams to obtain evidence of mortgage fraud and predatory lending, as well as providing expert witness testimonials in a court of law.

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