Factors Involved in a Child Custody Case

Child custody or time-sharing can emotionally burden the child involved in divorce apart from imposing academic, spiritual, and logistical difficulties. Hence, the case needs to be handled tenderly.


It refers to the schedule according to which each parent will enjoy spending time with the children and discharge responsibilities about medical care, education, and other upbringing elements.

Factors involved

Florida State accords equal visitation rights to each of the parents and does not consider anyone superior owing to advanced age or gender. To ensure that the child’s interests are safeguarded optimally, following factors are considered.

  • Disposition of each parent to ensure and foster a continuing parent-child bond while honouring the time-sharing schedule and accepting reasonable changes

  • Child’s needs would be determined and given precedence over that of the parent’s desires

  • Implementation of a consistent routine for child w.r.t. the meal, homework, bedtime schedules and discipline

  • Parent’s interest and ability to involve in child’s school and extra curricular activities

  • Lack of abusive environment at home is assured

  • Requirements of the children going to school and how the travelling time for effectuating the parental plan would have an effect on the child’s academic session

  • Child’s desire to continue staying in the stable, satisfactory environment he/ she has lived so far

  • Parent’s ability to discharge responsibilities before the institution of litigation and during the pending litigation and the extent to which third parties carried out parental responsibilities

  • The extent of communication exchanged with other parent regarding minor child’s activities and issues and the willingness of each parent to adopt a unified front on all major issues when dealing with the child. Private investigator Coral Springs can help you garner information regarding the attitude of your former spouse towards the minor child.

  • Parent’s disposition to stay informed of the minor child’s circumstances

  • Financial capability of guardian to fulfil the developmental needs of the child during the growing stages

  • Ability to keep the child protected from on-going litigation as demonstrated by not discussing the litigation with the child, not sharing documents or electronic media related to the litigation with the child, and refraining from disparaging comments about the other parent to the child

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