How to Decide Whether Your Husband or Wife is Cheating?

You are sensing that there is something amiss between the two of you but you are unable to point out what it actually is. You might have strong suspicions and have also noticed some signs that point towards your spouse’s infidelity but you are not sure about this. You do not wish to bring this issue up fearing rejection and even ridicule. Therefore, you want to be totally convinced and have the necessary evidence before you can take this issue up.

Before moving on further with more serious investigations, you would want to check the signs that indicate that your spouse is cheating. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • Strange hair or lipstick on your husband’s shirt
  • Gut instinct
  • You find gift items that are for someone else as they have not been given to you
  • Your partner has stopped wearing the wedding ring or other jewelry that you purchased
  • Lack of interest or aloofness in matters of the home
  • Sudden show of love and care
  • When clothes start smelling of an unfamiliar odor
  • Electronic clues like hiding emails, cell phone messages, having separate accounts, excessive use of the internet and use of passwords etc.

While these are just signs that indicate infidelity, they are not conclusive evidences that your spouse is cheating. You need to have conclusive proof that your spouse is involved somewhere else.

Taking the assistance of an experienced private investigator is the best thing to do in this case. The investigations and evidence collected by the investigator would help you decide whether your husband or wife is cheating.

The investigator would conduct electronic surveillance, talk to your spouse’s colleagues and other people associated with him/her, take pictures, follow and pursue other activities to collect evidence. Once these evidences are presented before you, it can help you to take the right call on your case.

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