Child Custody Investigation


These days over 50% of marriages are expected to end in divorce. For couples who share children between them, a difficult consequence of divorce is the issue of child custody. In a typical case the courts will examine the living situation of the children, review the facts and then grant primary custody to the parent they see fit, while the other parent is allowed partial custody or some form of limited visitation rights. It is also possible that one parent may be denied visitation rights entirely with no means to contact their children.
What happens if a parent believes the courts have not made the right decision? With few official procedures to pursue after the children have been placed, it is entirely up to the accusing parent to provide proof of the mistake. Courts can miss crucial details, or be unaware of new developments in the custodial parent’s life that would influence the custody arrangement.
The proof required for a court to reconsider a child custody arrangement is extensive, and a single incident by the custodial parent will not be sufficient. Courts need to see well documented evidence of neglect, abuse, risky lifestyle choices, drug use and other instances of general poor parenting. In addition, a clear and prolonged pattern of these offenses will have to be evident. Examples include:
New relationships or friendships with people of suspect character
Drug use
Mental disorders
Leaving the children with babysitters or nannies who neglect or abuse
Criminal records
Previously unknown personal background history
Arrest warrants
Child Abuse
Child Neglect
Illegal activities
Documentation of the above offenses is essential and it is important to act as quickly as possible. Missing out on key proof will reduce otherwise valid claims into speculation, destroying the opportunity to reclaim the children.
The best way to gather the proof necessary for the court is by hiring a Private Investigator. A Private Investigator has the expertise and means to discretely collect evidence against a current / ex-spouse who has been (or will likely be) awarded custody. This will be achieved through a combination of proven Private Investigator techniques. These include:
On foot surveillance of the parent to observe where they go, who the kids are left with and for how long
Photographic and video surveillance to provide physical evidence of wrongdoing
Lifestyle report to uncover involvement with illegal activities
Full background check of spouse and anyone associated with spouse or children
Over time the Private Investigator will gather enough evidence to show clear patterns of child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, drug use, and more. This hard evidence can then be presented to the court in order to remove the children from volatile situations and out of the unfit parent’s custody.

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