5 Myths about Private Investigation

The general public has a lot of misconceptions about private investigators, thanks to Hollywood movies and popular novels and TV shows. Here are a few popular myths about private investigation busted:


Unlike in movies and TV series, private investigation is not that glamorous a job where the investigators travel in flashy sports cars and bash up goons. In reality, there is very little action. It is not the most thrilling of jobs. Private investigation can be a highly monotonous job. A private investigator’s main task is data collection which requires great skill and perseverance and involves the use of latest technology, hours of observation, research, surveillance, and hard work. There are no Aston Martins and Ferrari’s in this profession.


Private investigation agencies do not enjoy special privileges. Unlike the police department, private investigators have a lot of limitations and the job of a private investigator becomes especially tough because of such limitations within which he is required to function.


A PI or private investigator has access only to the data that the general public has access to. Private investigators are skilled at collating and effectively using and interpreting such data. It is not true that Private Investigations have access to data such as social security numbers, birth and death records, credit information, private bank accounts and other restricted private records. Also, as is commonly perceived, Private Investigations do not have access to phone records and activities like phone tapping can land a PI in serious trouble.


Movies project private investigators as action heroes who spend most of their time in disguise and are required to be physically strong and athletic. Private Investigations are shown to be rebellious, gun-wielding macho’s who bend laws and break rules to get their job done. But in reality, Private Investigations are normal people who dress up normally and a majority of their job is clerical. They may also be required to do some field work like data collection and surveillance, but in doing so they are required to be highly discreet, maintain highest levels of confidentiality.


Private investigation is not completely a male-dominated field. There are several cases in which require the expertise of females. Though it is true that female private investigators are very small in number, there are many areas of private investigation which only women can accomplish. A better understanding of what a private investigation agency can do for you helps you know for what reasons you can avail their services. A PI can advise you on how and where to collect information. If you are looking for a private investigator Miami or a private investigator West Palm Beach, JRS is one reputed private agency that offers a host of services ranging from child custody to forensics. You can call (888) 737 – 7690 to know more about the services.